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Toyota Revo Vigo Hilux Thailand 2016 2017 Used 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 Vigo Fortuner Navara L200 Ranger new used on sale at Thailand top car 4x4 diesel pickup SUV dealer importer exporter UK Australia Dubai Hong Kong Japan Landcruiser Prado FJ Cruiser On Sale

Thailand Racing Parts Center

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Thailand's Racing Parts Center

Soni is Thailand racing parts centerSoni Motors - world's largest 4x4 dealer - is well recognized as the Racing Parts Center in South East Asia. We carry thousands of different Racing parts including Carbon Fiber Hoods, Remus and other quality Exhaust, Electric Superchargers, Turbos, Racing Mufflers, Cold Air Intakes, sport exhaust, Racing Body Kits,  Spoiler kits, Turbo Kits , Racing Headers, Flame Throwers for Petrol vehicles, Lambo Door Kits, Racing Kits, Dash Kits, DVD players and Car Care products for your ride. We can provide you accessories for not only 4x4 brands but also all major brands as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Honda, Ford, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu and all other brands. We also offer a range of light-duty and heavy-duty towing parts and accessories.

Combining value, contemporary styling and unmatched durability, Soni products are easy to install, easy on the eyes—and easy on the budget. From Vent visors to hood shields, light covers to hood scoops, our accessories are built to last and designed to fuel your imagination.more details



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World's Cheapest and Strongest Pickup Ambulance

Minibus based ambulances are very popular in developed world because they provide a ready-made vehicle in which medical equipment is added and you are good to go. When this model is introduced into developing world one runs into many problems. Minibuses are not designed to ply the unpaved rough rocky or muddy roads common in most of Asia and Africa. Here pickups like Toyota Hilux Vigo and Ford Ranger rule the day. Non-profit organizations like health NGOs require a sturdy ambulance that can take the wear and tear but they have to suffice with minibus based ambulance and accept the fact that they will have tp replace them pretty quickly.

Soni to the rescue!!

Soni has a 98 years tradition of philanthropy and it is in this tradition that we have designed a pickup based ambulance and are now making it available to qualified non-profit organizations at our cost. This way medical institutions and health NGOs are able to acquire an ambulance based around a vehicle that is designed for poor roads and can thus last a lot longer than minibus-based ambulances at a fraction of the cost. Please visit our sister company Yasir for more information on this versatile ambulance.


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